'Gratefulness and gratitude creates one great attitude'


It all started...

 with my years of hairdressing and the study of Tai Chi Chuan.  How Tai Chi supported me and still does within my life. The experiences that I have gained from both of these disciplines along with my enthusiasm and study of breathing , that has now developed into Conscious breathworks,tm.

 As I have  been studying this over the years along with emotional intelligence and psychology to help me on my path, with my team and with my students.  BMB was born, my concept of  Body Mind Breath.  This came out of the desire to work with people to support them, to encourage them to be the very best they can be.  To be who they really want to be, to be their best self.  My study in positive psychology is to support people mentally, psychologically, body awareness Tai chi, and breathing skills.  Developing conscious awareness of being comfortable within themselves, within their own skin and the Breathing being the bridge of Mind and Body the connection.