As promised –Dr Sue A

Tony and I met four times – the first time as a debrief after I had completed the Strengths Profiler, then three subsequent sessions to follow this up.

For me the key words from these sessions are –

·         Strengths

·         Exploring

·         Realisation

·         Positive

·         Options

·         Building

·         Wellbeing

·         Awareness

·         Balanced

·         Consistency

·         Reflection

There is no specific order here – but core to all of this the final word on the list.  Reflection.  And the mantra I shall take away from it all is ‘Reflect on all the good stuff’.  I have learnt to use this as a filter – or lens – through which to look at my days.  What works and what doesn’t?  The day before our last session a colleague showed me her bracelet on which is engraved- in Hebrew – ‘Without why, there is no how’.  My sessions with Tony have allowed me time – and given me the thinking skills – to change my mindset.  Looking at ‘why’ is good – providing that the ‘how’ is one that reflects on achievement and good stuff.

Tony is very perceptive and a good listener – he takes in everything that is said.  Using very few notes he remembers and reflects on exactly what is said so that he can provide honest feedback – and he pulls no punches in this which is good.  The tools and strategies he uses are well researched – he chooses that ones to fit the client and analyses the input so that the session is always pitched well. 

Time spent in these sessions has made me see myself in a different way – and really understand how the way I use my language in a negative way rather than a positive.  Ultimately ‘How you turn up at a situation sets the scene’

Thank you Tony