Giraffe Drinking

Giraffe Drinking


If you have some time please have a listen to primary school teacher Janet and what she has to say about Tai chi in her school. Janet has completed the 1st 8hr Body Mind Breath animal play training using Tai chi principles.

This covers

The Body

White crane spreads wing

Kuala climbing

The Stag

Tiger stretching


There are many more which start to make up the Tai Chi routine for year 5 and another more challenging Tai Chi routine for year 6. Partner work for social emotional learning, team building and positive peer praise. All of these movements and more cover Key stages 1 and 2 in the UK physical education curriculum.

The mind

How to focus on the moment and apply detail to those movements. Self-development, self-exploration, self-discipline and self-actualisation. Creativity, discovery, experimentation, developing imagination, thinking in different ways.

The Breath

Warriors breath

Scholars breath

The Big breath

And many more techniques to cover class harmony and energy to calming and focused breathing developing a pathway to self-regulation and mindfulness in the environment.

This in a link to a video from a inner London year 5 teacher who applied one of the Body Mind Breath techniques.

Stage one progression

Tai chi form is taught to year 5 this follows on from year 4 body mind breath animal play using Tai chi principles.

The stage one form comprises of 25 moves and these moves are know as the form.

Year 6 progresses to stage 2. This is an advanced from comprising of more balanced moves, back wards and sideways movements. When this is completed it is then combined with stage 1.