The program and stage 1 certification covers seven hours of training.

The Body

Koala, White crane, Tiger play, Giraffe to name a few. These are used to play with movement and develop enjoyment and confidence of using the body. Stamina through continuous play and energetic activity. in strength. Mobility stimulating left right brain connections. Exploring motor skills in animal play core, shoulder, hand, agility hand-eye-foot coordination with spatial awareness.

The Mind

How to focus on the moment and apply detail to those movements. Self-development, self-exploration, self-discipline and self-actualisation. Creativity, discovery, experimentation, imagination. Character strengths of trust, humour, respect, courage.

The Breathing

Warriors Breath, Scholars breath, The Big breath all of these are a pathway to mindfulness.

Communication and language Early learning goals listening and attention. Listening attentively in a range of situations and responding with relevant comments, questions or actions. Understanding and following instructions. – Answering questions about their experiences.

Personal, social and emotional outcomes. Fair play knowing how to behave and what is acceptable. Cooperation taking turns, sharing and playing by rules. Language and communication – listening attentively, responding with comments, questions or actions, speaking in a familiar group.  Confidence in trying new activities, working in a group, asking for help if needed. Optimism enjoying achievements. Resilience coping with stressful situations. Sense of self belief ‘Can do’. Valuing oneself. Behavioural flexibility adapting emotionally to new situations without becoming stressed.

A year 1 teacher from St Johns primary school Ealing. Her feedback from the benefits of applying them in the class room. Breathing